Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Surge: Trainer +19 (PATCH #5) {}

Activating this trainer: Press F1 at main menu. Listen for 'Trainer Activated'. Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer. Trainer Options: NumPad1: Infinite Health NumPad2: Infinite Stamina NumPad3: Infinite Energy NumPad4: Unlimited Consumable NumPad5: One Hit Kills NumPad6: Unlimited Components NumPad7: Super Attack Speed NumPad8: Super Running Speed NumPad9: Change Tech Scraps By 2000 NumPad0: Change Maximum Core Power By 20 NumPad/: Unlimited Consumables (Inventory) NumPad*: Change One-Handed Proficiency By 1 NumPad-: Change Staff Proficiency By NumPad+: Change Heavy-Duty Proficiency By NumPad.: Change Single-Rigged Proficiency By Page UP: Change Twin-Rigged Proficiency By Page Down: Toggle HUD Insert: Infinite Ability Duration Editor Options: Tech Scrap Core Power Proficiencies: One-Handed Proficiencies: Staff Proficiencies: Heavy-Duty Proficiencies: Single-Rigged Proficiencies: Twin-Rigged Notes: Unlimited Consumable: While active you have unlimited of current consumable (shown under your health bar). Unlimited Components: While active open inventory and you have unlimited components. You can define the amount on the trainer GUI, do that BEFORE trainer activation. Super Attack Speed: While active you attack much more faster. Super Running Speed: While active you run much more faster. Unlimited Consumables (Inventory): While active open your inventory and click on 'Consumables' and they will be unlimited. You can define the amount on the trainer GUI, do that BEFORE trainer activation! Toggle HUD: Press hotkey to toggle HUD. Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - The Surge Trainer Short Documentaries

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